Zestaw wkrętaków imbusowych ALZRC - 1.5, 2.0, 2.5, 3.0 mm

Kod produktu: M1890-B4
Producent: ALZRC
Cena: 48 PLN
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●The Bit Adopts The Imported High-speed Steel Material,Coated With Titanium, Greatly Improved The Hardness, More Resistance In Abrasion & Deformation.
●Refined Aluminum Alloy Handlebar.


●Screwdriver Bit Length: 85mm
●Screwdriver Bit Diameter: Φ3.0 - Φ3.5mm
●Handlebar Length: 90mm
●Handlebar Diameter: Φ18mm



●Hexagon Screwdriver - H1.5 x 1
●Hexagon Screwdriver - H2.0 x 1
●Hexagon Screwdriver - H2.5 x 1
●Hexagon Screwdriver - H3.0 x 1

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